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The Keys of Canterbury

Lisa Theriot Keys of Canterbury Cover Pic General Prologue: The Tabard Inn
The Knight’s Tale: Lucasta’s Song
The Cook’s Tale: Michaelmas Night
The Wife of Bath’s Prologue: The Hart Round
The Wife of Bath’s Tale: The Marriage of Sir Gawain
The Squire’s Tale: The Earl of Mar’s Daughter
The Pardoner’s Tale: Seek the Reaper
The Prioress’ Tale: The Jew’s Daughter
The Tale of Melibee: Elizabeth’s Song
The Nun’s Priests Tale: Chanticleer
The Second Nun’s Tale: The Candle
The Parson’s Tale: The Lyke-Wake Dirge
Afterword: The Keys of Canterbury

A Turning of Seasons

A Turning of Seasons - Lisa Theriot Hallows Eve
All Hail to the Days
Portmore Lament
Spring Strathspey
Lady Isabel and the Elf-Knight
Karelia’s Song
Summer Solstice
The Urge for Going
The Weaving Made

Up The Great North Road

Lisa Theriot - Up the Great North Road
Shian Road
The Presence
Oigh U Agus
The Holy Ground
Follow Me Up to Carlow
Rolling Hills of the Borders
Parcel of Rogues
Beggars to God
Aoddan Srath Bhainn
Jock of Hazeldean
Goodnight and Joy

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Rob November 9, 2015 at 9:34 pm

hey Lisa,
would you be so kind to send me the lyrics of “The Wife of Bath’s Tale: The Marriage of Sir Gawain”, or indicate me a link where to find them. I loved your version.
Thanks in advance.


Adelaide January 30, 2016 at 7:33 pm

Hi Rob. So sorry for the delay. My husband set up this site and I rarely do much with it. I know I should. Sigh. Anyway, yes! All the lyrics to all the songs are on the Raven Boy Music website here: http://www.ravenboymusic.com/discography-lyrics/
If you scroll down to The Keys of Canterbury, just click that link for a pdf of all the lyrics (liner notes, actually) for the album.

I hope that helps.



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